Eraser EPP combat glider

Here are just a few photos and a video of me flying my (now-deceased) 'Eraser' EPP glider in the hills behind Almuñecar in Granada, Spain.
The Eraser is an EPP 'combat' slope glider available from Canterbury Sailplanes and their global network of importers. A great fun, fully aerobatic and virtually crash-proof glider! I only had to lay mine to rest because mods that I'd done were broken beyond reasonable repair.

Combat slope soaring has been around for a few years and is seen as great fun by some, while frowned upon by others! The idea of it is to fly as a group and try and knock your opponents' gliders out the sky, simply by flying right in to them. It's the reason why EPP rc gliders exist, and the nature of EPP means that rarely any damage is done to the glider.

But even if you don't partake in combat rc slope soaring, EPP gliders are great things and there are some lovely ones available. And, like me, you live in a place of rugged terrain with a distinct lack of nice landing areas, you can fly an EPP rc glider with complete peace of mind that it's not going to get wrecked too quickly!

Anyway, here are the pics of my Eraser EPP glider...

Ready for launch! Away she goes! Fly-past for the camera A different flying site - great backdrop!

And below is a short video of my Eraser EPP glider in action...


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