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Add Content To RC Airplane World!
August 22, 2007

This is an occasional newsletter from Pete Carpenter of RC Airplane World.

RC Airplane World continues to receive a good number of visitors looking for information on how to get started in the ever-growing hobby of radio control flying.

Now, there is a new feature to the web site that lets you, the visitor, add content to the site! is the main index page to the content submission forms.

How it works

The forms are easy to use, and they give anyone the opportunity to contribute rc related content to RC Airplane World.
Any submissions are reviewed by myself prior to approval, and any submissions can be rated and commented on by fellow visitors to the web site.

What can you contribute?

Anything rc related! You can, for example...
Share your favourite hints and tips on building, flying or upgrading; tell the story of a good or bad day at the flying field; write about what models you have, and why you chose them; let everyone know what you think the best rc models are (planes, helicopters, cars, trucks, boats...); write and submit a review of a particular model or rc product.... In fact, the list is pretty endless, so long as the content is directly rc related!

So if you do have any stories or knowledge that you want to share, or if you just want to show off your models, then please use the forms at
You can upload a picture to go with the content, and even embed videos from sites such as YouTube.

So please think about being part of RC Airplane World, and help make the site an even better resource for all its visitors!

Best Wishes,

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