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RC Airplane World Update
July 25, 2008

This is an occasional newsletter from Pete Carpenter of RC Airplane World.

This is just a brief update to bring your attention to the new video upload feature on the site.

I've been wanting to do this for a while, and now it's up and running! All submitted videos are reviewed prior to publication, as are any comments left by visitors.
This does mean, of course, that videos and comments won't appear instantly, but by using this method I can keep a check on things so that some of the rubbish on certain video websites won't appear on my site!

So if you have an rc video you'd like to upload, please do so here.

Other news... the RC Airplane World forum, is steadily gaining momentum - registration is of course free and gives you immediate access... so please join!

And for those who aren't bothered about joining a forum, I've recently launched a new 'Ask an RC Question' page, where you can submit a question about the hobby, and with any luck you'll get an answer.Access that here.

Thanks for continuing to subscribe to this newsletter!

Bye for now, & Happy RC'ing!

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