RC Curtiss P-6E Hawk plan.

Another fabulous design by Canadian aeromodeller Bob Bishop, the Curtiss P-6E Hawk is also for the experienced builder looking for something perhaps a bit different, but very pleasing to the eye!

The full size P-6E was one of several variations of Curtiss Hawk, a fighter biplane developed in the late 1920s. Just 46 P-6Es were produced, serving two squadrons in the early-mid 1930s. Accidents and the lack of overhauls meant that numbers of the plane naturally declined, and now only one survives in the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, Washington.

Bob's Curtiss P-6E Hawk design is a giant 1/4 scale model, with a wingspan of 94.5 inches and for a 50cc gas engine.

The RC Curtiss P6-E Hawk by Bob Bishop

The basic model specifications are:

RC P-6E Hawk plan info.

Bob's Hawk is a large 1/4 scale model, its size and bulk emphasized by the fact that it's a biplane. Because of its size there are 9 CAD-created plan sheets, available in printed form or PDF files that you can save to your computer and have printed locally.

Shown below are a couple of samples of the plan:

RC Curtiss P-6E Hawk plan sample 1 RC Curtiss P-6E Hawk plan sample 2

The P-6E Hawk plan & shipping prices (in USD) are:

** Please note that the PDF files are not an automatic download; they will be sent to you by the designer.

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P-6E laser cut parts set.

There is a set of laser cut parts available for the P-6E Hawk, containing all the balsa and ply parts from the plan (formers, ribs etc.). The parts set does not include any sheet or strip wood; this must be purchased separately by yourself. Also note there is no hardware included in the pack.
Price for the set is $250.00 plus shipping costs. Use the Paypal button below to order the set:

RC Curtiss P-6E Hawk laser cut parts set - $250 plus shipping.


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RC Curtiss P-6E Hawk images.

Below are several pictures of Bob's fantastic Hawk - click an image for the larger version:

RC P-6E Hawk at the field, pre-maidenThe P-6E Hawk landing
The Hawk on the benchCowl and exhaust detail of Bobs rc Curtiss P-6E Hawk

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