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An RC UFO is an alternative radio control aircraft, and they're a relatively new creation and addition to the world of rc flying (at the time of writing - but since writing this page, rc multicopters have become very popular). Such craft can be flown by anyone regardless radio control flying experience.

Although not always flying saucer shaped, they typically have a circular airframe with between one and four independent electric motors that power horizontally placed propellers.
The more advanced rc UFOs, such as the Silverlit X-UFO also have electronic gyro systems similar to those found on radio control helicopters, to improve flight stability.

The Silverlit X-UFO is actually about the largest rc UFO currently available, and has proven to be very popular with anyone looking for an alternative style of rc aircraft, other than an rc blimp.
The Silverlit can be seen below:

RC Silverlit X-UFO

This particular rc UFO has won a technology award for RTF model aircraft, thanks to its innovative design. It can be flown outdoors (on calm days) from up to 300 feet away using a 4 channel rc transmitter to control the on-board miniature electronic management system.

Flying the Silverlit indoors isn't a problem either; if the UFO comes into contact with a wall then it gently bounces off and your flight continues uninterrupted. And just like a 4 channel radio control helicopter, rc UFOs like the Silverlit can be flown with good accuracy once you've got the basic handling mastered.

A stable rc UFO like the Silverlit will happily carry a small digital camera designed for use with rc aircraft, which are becoming increasingly more available from hobby stores for aerial photography fun. Indeed, a larger size craft makes an ideal aerial camera platform, thanks to its stability in the air.

Smaller RC UFOs

There are a number of small, and cheaper, rc UFOs currently available alongside the Silverlit. These are typically made from lightweight polystyrene foam in the shape of a multi-bladed fan, and have a single electric motor that powers a horizontally mounted propeller situated in the central underside of the body.

A single channel pistol-grip style transmitter is used to control the altitude of the UFO through motor speed control. These little toys are a great deal of fun, for something so simple!

Examples of smaller RC UFOs

Palm-size, micro rc UFO

Following the general trend of radio control aircraft becoming smaller and smaller as technology allows, the Alien MicroFly is currently the world's smallest hovering rc UFO!

Alien MicroFly rc UFO

An rc UFO (of any size!) is a great fun product for anyone who wants a different kind of radio control aircraft, particularly one that can be flown around the home, without the complications of learning to fly an electric rc helicopter.
Outside, on calmer days, the cheaper foam UFOs can be great fun for almost any age and, while not completely indestructible, are tough enough to stand up to most kinds of treatment!


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