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The RealFlight G4 RC flight simulator

Please note that the G4 has since been updated since the writing of this page. Despite the upgrade, the fundamental info below applies to all versions.

The RealFlight G4 rc flight simulator is one of the better sims currently available and is used by countless rc pilots world wide.

The RealFlight G4 RC flight simulator

The standard G4 simulator package comes with more than enough diversity to keep most rc pilots more than happy, and busy!
There are 81 models to choose from, 57 airplanes and 24 helicopters (update: more with the G4.5!). Both planes and helis are fully customisable, and the choice of models is large. You can fly gliders, trainers, sport planes, scale models, aerobatic/3D planes, as well as all kinds of helicopters. Electric and gas power options are available for planes and helis, and you can even fly a gas turbine jet. At the other end of the speed-scale, an rc blimp offers a very relaxed, but fun, flying experience!

Great Planes haven't skimped on the choice of flying sites either. In total there are 27 sites to choose from, 7 of which are photo-realistic and 5 of which are water-based areas for float plane flying.
The photo-realistic sites obviously offer much greater realism than the 3D graphic-generated ones, and when flying an Extra 300 around the Alpine Meadow site, it really is hard to believe that you're not actually there!...

Extra 300 in Alpine Meadow

Above: the realism of flying at a photo-based field is quite amazing!

What makes the RealFlight G4 rc flight simulator so great, apart from the stunning realism and accuracy of the models, is the ease of use and set-up. Included in the package is a 4 CD set, and installation onto the computer is merely a case of inserting the first CD, and following the on-screen instructions to replace each CD with the succeeding one when prompted.

Once all data is loaded, plug in the Interlink Elite transmitter interface which, incidentally, is manufactured by Futaba, and away you go!
The transmitter, although designed specifically for the G4, is based on the design of Futaba's successful 6EX 2.4Ghz system, and is completely accurate to a modern 8-channel transmitter, even down to the digital trims, adjustable sticks and audible alarm.

Great Planes do recommend you check that your computer sound and video card drivers are fully up to date, as the complexity of the software is obviously going to need the best tools to drive it. And on that note, there is the usual situation that older computers won't cope well with the graphics, a modern high-performance pc will of course bring out the best in the RealFlight G4.

Me G4'ing on my laptopAs an example, I have a 2 year old desktop with a fairly good spec which runs the G4 well. But on my 6 month old laptop, the graphics are something else altogether - smoother, faster and clearer, making flying any of the models a completely realistic experience!

The speed and accuracy at which the models respond to the control inputs is as realistic as it gets, and as with the previous RealFlight simulators (G3 & 3.5), all the various parameters of the models and flying sites can be edited to suit your own personal requirements.
But for basic sport flying and training the default values are perfectly realistic and more than adequate for beginner rc pilots.

A key feature of the RealFlight G4 is the virtual flight training. Here you can select your instructor (from a choice of real rc pilots such as Frank Knoll, 1999 Masters World Aerobatic Champion), and select your lesson. You'll get a visual demonstration of the maneuver, along with a spoken account of what's happening with the aircraft and controls.
When your instructor has shown you what's involved, you can then try your hand at what you've just learned.

And for hovering practice, for helicopters and airplanes, there is the Hover Trainer option - start off easy by selecting just one control for yourself, and let the RealFlight G4 worry about everything else. As your confidence grows, move up to 2 controls, then 3 and so on, until you're doing everything yourself!

RealFlight G4 screenshots

Below is a selection of models available in the standard RealFlight G4 (& G4.5) package
(click each one for the full scene)...

RealFlight G4 Extra 300RealFlight G4 Extra 300
RealFlight G4 Super Sportster float planeRealFlight G4 Spirit 100 glider
RealFlight G4 ElectriStarRealFlight G4 Bell 222
RealFlight G4 NexStarRealFlight G4 Skyship blimp
RealFlight G4 HeliMax Axe EZRealFlight G4 HeliMax Axe EZ
RealFlight G4 Sabre gas turbineRealFlight G4 Dominion 3D

And below is a short video so you can see the kind of reality that sims like the G4.5 offer (bear in mind that a lot of quality has been lost in the video production; the actual sim gives photo-realistic quality.)

All in all, the RealFlight G4 rc flight simulator is an excellent product, and anyone wanting to get into the hobby of radio control flying should seriously consider having one.
The ease of use and realism of the G4 make it about the best rc flight training aid that money can buy. Yes, rc flight simulators may be an extra expense, but they will give you endless hours of safe flight training, and it's a small price to pay compared to the grief and expense of writing-off your favourite aircraft!


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