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The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes Ebook

- is there a free PDF download?

In short, no there is not!

My ebook, The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes, is a popular and comprehensive guide to getting started in the hobby of radio control flying.

The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes e-book - no free PDF download

The ebook is for sale on this website and from a few affiliates via their own websites. It's currently priced at just $17 which is a very small price to pay given the amount of essential info contained within! And the ebook is an instant download PDF file, so you can be getting that solid footing in the hobby right away!

Sadly, though, the nature of the internet means that from time to time some thoughtless person buys The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes, which, incidentally, took me 6 months to create back in 2009, and then uploads it to some free file-sharing website.
I'm sure they think they're doing the world a favour by making my ebook available as a free PDF download, but all they're actually doing is kicking me right in the cojones.

We all like to try and get something for free if we can, but my website - including the ebook - pays the bills and puts food on the table. Seeing my ebook get given away as a free download really hurts.

So, if you are looking to "get" The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes please do the decent thing and buy it from the proper place!

If, by some chance, you have found it somewhere being offered as a free download, please let me know the website that it's been illegally uploaded to. As a thank you, I will personally send you the ebook for free. Can't get fairer than that!

Copyright infringement is a serious issue on the web, and I never hesitate to file a DMCA Notice against any website offering my ebook as a free download.

Thanks for understanding.


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