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The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes e-book

In this crazy world we live in right now, a new absorbing hobby is the perfect antidote!

The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes e-bookWithout question, the radio control flying hobby has to be one of the most exhilarating, addictive, fulfilling and rewarding pastimes you can have. I can personally assure that, from years of aeromodelling experience.

So to give you a rock-solid start to your new hobby, my Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes ebook is packed with concise, easy to digest information guaranteed to save you valuable time, money and trouble. Guaranteed.

Why Buy this Ebook?

Because at only $18, it's a very small price to pay for learning how not to crash your new plane on its first flight!

Truthfully, if you want to fly rc planes a solid understanding of your new hobby is what you need.

As a newcomer to this fantastic and hugely popular pastime, The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes won't overload you with all the unnecessary stuff that you don't need to know right now. It gets right to the point and answers all the 'getting started' questions that you're ever likely to have.

"Wow, I'm overwhelmed with the amount of essential r/c flight info you provide in this wonderful book. Don't know how or why anyone would pass up this incredibly comprehensive and complete manual." - Sam G., California.

The ebook can be purchased securely through PayPal (no account needed) and downloaded in just a few clicks, by using the 'Buy Now' buttons on this page.

"Pete... so glad I found your website and ebook... 95% of my questions have been answered by your excellent resource, in a well written, concise and down to earth way... And the price is too good - you could charge 3x what you do and it would still be great value. ...Looking forward to your new book about radios!"
- Norm H., USA.

  • 139 page e-book.
  • Safe & secure payment through PayPal
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The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes ebook

Price: Only US$18. Incredible value!
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Ebook Topics Include...

  • Understanding RC systems & how they control your plane.
  • What you need to know when choosing your first plane.
  • Preparing your plane for flight.
  • Finding somewhere suitable to fly.
  • The essential pre-flight checks you need to know.
  • Complete flight school to get you airborne safely (take-offs, flying & landing).
  • How to fly some basic aerobatics.
  • How to deal with a crash.
  • ...and more!

What's in The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes?

Below are some page excerpts from the e-book:

Book chapter list
Chapter 1: An introduction to your new hobby
Chapter 2: R/C systems, plane controls & EP powertrains
Chapter 3: Methods of R/C flight training
Chapter 4: Choosing & buying your first RC plane
Chapter 5: Get to know (& assemble) your plane
Chapter 6: Preparing your plane for flight
Chapter 7: Finding a suitable flying site
Chapter 8: Pre-flight checks
Chapter 9: Getting airborne
Chapter 10: Flying and trimming the plane
Chapter 11: Landing
Chapter 12: Fly some basic aerobatics
Chapter 13: Crashing
Chapter 14: RC flying do's and don'ts
Chapter 15: Further progression & summary
Chapter 16: RC airplane glossary
Chapter 17: Useful resources & references


Not many hobbies have the potential...

"Not many hobbies have the potential to teach you such a diverse range of topics, or at the same time be as simple and straightforward as you want it to be.
In other words, you can throw yourself into the model building side of the hobby as much as the flying side of it, and learn about model airplane design and construction techniques, aerodynamics, mechanical issues, model engines, electronics.... the list goes on.
Or you can just buy a simple electric Ready To Fly airplane, charge the battery and go!"


So then, what are the differences...

"So then, what are the differences between transmitter modes? They are....
Mode 1 : the left stick operates elevator and rudder movement of the airplane, and the right stick operates engine power (throttle) and ailerons. With this set-up the two primary flight controls (elevators and ailerons) are on separate sticks and so you're less likely to inadvertently move one while intentionally moving the other.
Mode 2 : the left stick operates throttle and rudder while the right stick operates elevator and ailerons. This set-up corresponds to a real airplane's control stick, or yoke, because the two primary flight controls are on the same stick.
Personally I fail to see the relevance of this argument though, because flying a radio control plane and a real one are two completely different things anyway, and as someone who flies RC planes and has held a Private Pilot's Licence and flown full size planes, I know just how very different they are...."


Elevators are the most important of all...

"Elevators are the most important of all control surfaces, and as a result of the nose-up/nose-down attitude of the plane they directly effect a plane's airspeed. Up elevator will reduce the speed if engine power is not applied at the same time, while down elevator will initiate a dive and hence the airspeed will increase, as gravity kicks in.
So don't just see the elevators as the things that make the plane point up or down - they really are more than that! The illustration below shows the effect of elevators on the plane's pitch attitude.
As for transmitter stick movement, pulling the stick towards you will raise the elevator and pitch the nose up, while pushing the stick away from you will drop the elevator and cause the plane to dive."


The correct choice of RC airplane...

"The correct choice of RC airplane as your first one is going to have a big impact on your enjoyment of and success with getting started in radio control flying.
Quite simply, if you buy the wrong kind of plane your first flight will likely end in disaster, probably seconds after take off, and you'll possibly lose all interest. I can't stress enough the importance of taking a bit of time and care when choosing your first plane, and this is actually a downside (about the only one...) to the wide availability and choice of radio control airplanes on the market these days - you can become very easily overwhelmed by the variety of planes out there, and if you don't know what you're looking for then it's all too easy to get impatient and make a bad purchase."


The radio control range check is a crucial...

"The radio control range check is a crucial one that tells you whether or not the signal from Tx to Rx is good, and hence whether or not it's safe for you to fly your plane.
When you perform a range check you're effectively sending a much weaker signal from the transmitter to the receiver over a given distance. The picture below illustrates a range check, with instructions after...."


If your plane has ailerons, use these in conjunction...

"If your plane has ailerons, use these in conjunction with up elevator to turn. Apply aileron and elevator to turn, and then opposite aileron to finish the turn and level the wings. You probably won't need much up elevator at all throughout the turn, but this is going to depend on the plane that you have. Return elevator to neutral as you exit the turn, or as necessary to maintain a constant height. If you are using ailerons on a four channel plane, don't worry about rudder for now. Use of rudder will come with time."


As the samples above briefly show, each page takes you step-by-step all the way.

"I bought your excellent eBook on flying planes, and indeed it has helped me enormously. If only I had bought it earlier then I would have bought the correct trainer and not blown three hundred dollars on the Radian Pro. Between your ebook and using Phoenix flight simulator I have been able to teach myself to fly. Thank-you Pete! I wonder how many people like me, have had success learning to fly from your eBook and the use of flight simulators! I for one realise you need more than a flight simulator to learn how to fly. You need the wisdom from people that know not only how to fly but how to relate their knowledge to others."
- Noel B, Australia.

Why buy The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes?

Quite simply, because it's a damn good book - even if I say so myself

I've been helping people get in to radio control flying, via this website and my forum, for over twenty years now. I'm passionate about it, and I love it.

The ebook is a natural extension of my website, and over 4000 copies have sold to date - and I've had one person say that it didn't help them. I can live with that!


Whether you're a believer in testimonials or not, here are some nice words that readers have actually sent me after reading the ebook:

"Hi Pete, Just finished your book and was totally impressed and captivated throughout. You're style of English is perfect for the genre... ..I'm certainly glad I have read your book before dashing out and buying a plane. Gratifyingly, I'm now more eager to get started. My favourite paragraph is:

"If your plane is heading towards Mother Earth unintentionally, the other thing to remember is not to panic. Panicking really doesn't help the situation at all, if anything it will just make things worse than they already are, as your nerves get the better of you. And after your plane has impacted the ground, don't despair or break down crying! Take a few moments to gather your thoughts about what possibly went wrong, then start the ceremonial and embarrassing Walk of Shame over to the impact zone to collect the wreckage. It's never a nice task, but it has to be done!"...

Beautifully crafted! Thanks for a great read. Best regards, David H.
"Thanks a million! Your e-book is very informative and written with great clarity. On my recommendation, my brother (also a RC plane novice) purchased your book and is reading it with zeal. Thanks for your priceless contribution to this exciting hobby. Best wishes!"
- Lee C, USA.
"Thank you for the ebook. This book was as good as the helicopter one if not better. I wish I started with your airplane ebook first and then the helicopter, because your airplane ebook explains all the parts of a plane which you can use that knowledge for understanding a helicopter better! Anyway, perfect job thank you. I wish you and John would write more books to document your knowledge for novices like me.
- Albert S., USA.
"I just wanted to report that purchasing your eBook has been a very positive experience. I am that quintessential "beginner" looking for RTF electric, and I've scoured the internet for objective ideas and guidance. There are so many different opinions that it makes one's head spin. I can't imagine anyone in my position NOT finding exceptional value in going through your well-written eBook before taking even the first step... Although I'm only 2/3 of the way through the ebook (a couple of very intensive hours paying very careful attention), I did want to comment that I think this is an excellent product."
- Tom G., USA.
"Just wanted to say I bought your guide and think it's going to help a lot. After a couple of minor initial launch crashes (Stratus glider) after reading this I can now see where I'm going wrong. I've also invested in a sim for practise. Many thanks."
- Adrian B, Spain.
"Your beginner's book for flying is very well done... very clear and just the right amount of detail. I'm just getting back into the hobby (after 40 years!) and this book was an ideal way to remember how this all works, and how the hobby has changed since I left it!..."
- Jim B., USA.
"The Beginners Guide to Flying RC Airplanes is one of the most comprehensive and thorough manuals about flying RC aircraft that I have seen. It covers every topic in detail, the information provided is extremely helpful to the beginning RC pilot. Upstate RC Flight Training will be using this as our main instruction manual; teaching with this manual will make things more understandable for our students."
- Andrew L., USA.
"I am a Beginner RC flyer and look forward to reading your wonderful books! I have been looking for such books for some time, and yours is the best. Thank you for sharing your interest and experiences in RC flying with people all over the world."
- Tuanwah, Singapore.
"Excellent book! Very good advice...Guess who went out and bought a P51 Mustang and smashed it to bits in about 3 seconds, and only then decided to read up about it?.. Very good advice on starting out in the hobby - now flying my Island Hopper 4 Ch trainer, and repairing the Mustang in my spare time. Excellent value for money. Thanks."
- Dave B., Australia.
"I was reading your book, and was hooked. Usually I don't do well reading at night when I am so tired, but your wonderful and easy to follow writing stile had me so absorbed, I forgot how tired I was. Very well done indeed! I was remembering my "learning days" and would have loved a resource like this when I was starting out - it would have saved so much time and money...."
- John S., Canada (rchelicopterfun.com).
"I've only just had quick read through and it looks to be just what I am looking for, very concise and very easy to understand which is very important to a beginner..."
- Colin D., UK.
"Your Beginner's Guide to Flying RC Airplanes helped me to buy two planes for Dad for Father's Day - your guidance was right on."
- Jack., USA.

Important Purchasing Info

Please be clear that "The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes" is an ebook, not a hard copy book. In other words, it's a PDF file that you download and save to your computer.

Most computers/devices already have a PDF reader installed, but if not then Adobe Reader is a popular one which you can get for free from here.

When you buy the ebook, you'll receive an automatic e-mail from pete. carpenter 12 @ gmail . com (no spaces) which contains a link to the download page.

If there are any issues with your download, or you don't receive the download email, please contact me and I'll sort it. I can either get the download email resent, or I can send the ebook through to you as an email attachment.

"I was reading it today and you have done an excellent job. Most books are written by "experts" and you can tell by the way they write that they do not remember what it is like to be new to something. I have often thought that a book starting at "ground level" would be a great idea, and that's what you have done. Magnificent information!"
- Jeff P., USA.

  • 139 page e-book.
  • Chance of winning an Amazon e-voucher.
  • Safe & secure payment through PayPal
    (no account needed).
  • Instant download after payment.
  • FREE & friendly personal email support to help you on your way!
  • Your e-mail address is 100% safe.
  • Money-back guarantee if you're not happy.
  • 6000+ happy readers!
The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes ebook

Price: Only US$18. Incredible value!
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The RC Beginner's Guides E-book Combo - Save $$!

The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes and Helicopters ebooks

Why fly one aircraft type when you can fly two?!

Many of us like the idea of flying rc airplanes and helicopters. If you want to know about learning to fly both types of radio controlled aircraft, you can purchase The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes and The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Helicopters ebooks together and save some valuable dollars. The cost for this deal is just US$29.95 - truly fantastic value for so much info.
You can get the ebook combo deal here.

Both guides follow the same easy-reading format and style, and contain equal amounts of essential information to get you started safely in this perfect pastime.


The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes ebook is a very genuine and original resource for anyone looking at getting in to flying radio control planes.

If, after you've read it, you're dissatisfied with the information contained within it please e-mail me and I will sort out a refund.

Please don't ask for a refund if you thought you were buying a hard copy book but then downloaded the ebook. I cannot make it any clearer throughout this page that this product is an ebook and not a hard copy book!

To buy The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes right now, just use the 'Buy Now' button below and download your ebook in just a few minutes.
Payment is safe and secure, through PayPal.

"All I can say is WOW! I just finished reading Pete's ebook and I can't say how Great it is. THANK YOU PETE. After reading it I can't recommend it enough to anyone that hasn't read it. It is so full of information and instruction that I feel confident in saying if you follow it you can't have anything but success in the hobby. He speaks in new peoples language (simple English). Also I can personally vouch for everything it said.... Anyway I just wanted to say Pete you are the greatest and you can teach and old dumb dog to look somewhat intelligent. Thanks AGAIN I mean it."
- Greg, USA.

  • 139 page e-book.
  • Safe & secure payment through PayPal
    (no account needed).
  • Instant download after payment.
  • Chance of winning an Amazon e-voucher.
  • FREE & friendly personal email support to help you on your way!
  • Your e-mail address is 100% safe.
  • Money-back guarantee if you're not happy.
  • 6000+ happy readers!
The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes ebook

Price: Only US$18. Incredible value!
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