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Phoenix RC flight simulator review.

For top-quality virtual radio control flying, the Phoenix rc flight simulator is a superb choice for beginners looking at getting in to the hobby, as well as for seasoned professionals looking at honing their competition skills - and for everyone in between too!

The Phoenix rc flight sim has been around for a few years now. Originally it was predominantly sold in the UK, but in October 2009 the company struck a deal with North American radio control distributing giants Horizon Hobby and since then Phoenix has been globally available and widely marketed.
As a result of the deal, the Phoenix rc flight simulator was offered with a radio (Spektrum DX4e or DX6i) included in the box, rather than just the software alone, as it was originally sold.

Phoenix RC flight simulator

Above: the Phoenix with DX6i - a great combination indeed.

The quality of the Phoenix sim is outstanding and the realism of the aircraft is very good. Most of the flying sites are photo-realistic, and the overall virtual flying experience on the Phoenix rc flight simulator is superb.
On a personal note (I have RealFlight and Phoenix sims) flying on the Phoenix is even more realistic for me because several of the flying sites are close to my home area, so I've seen the sites in real life!

The Phoenix sim certainly does deliver all you'd expect a professional quality rc flight simulator to deliver, and the editing options of the aircraft are vast and comprehensive. This means that if you own one of the many aircraft available on the sim, there's an excellent chance that you can tweak the necessary specs and characteristics so that the virtual airplane, helicopter or glider exactly replicates your real one.

The choice of aircraft on the Phoenix rc flight simulator is good, with well over 100 and that list steadily grows.
Since the Horizon Hobby deal the tech team at Phoenix have added some of the more popular Horizon brand aircraft to the list, namely airplanes and helicopters from the HobbyZone, ParkZone, E-flite and Hanger 9 ranges, although it has to be said that not all of them fly true to the real thing with the default settings in place; some editing is need to make, for example, the ParkZone Radian fly more accurately.

The range of high-end competition airplanes and helicopters is very good, giving championship level pilots plenty of opportunity to hone their flying routines to perfection.

Phoenix RC simulator screenshots.

Below are a few screenshots taken from my own Phoenix rc flight simulator, click an image to view it larger...

Phoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - aerobatic slope soarerPhoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - Beech 58
Phoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - Red Arrow HawkPhoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - Sopwith Camel
Phoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - ChinookPhoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - Blade 400
Phoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - E-flite 4-SitePhoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - Grumman Goose
Phoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - DH Beaver floatplanePhoenix RC flight simulator screenshot - Sea Ranger helicopter


Below is a demo of the Phoenix rc flight simulator, to illustrate the realism...


Phoenix vs. RealFlight.

Without going in to a detailed side-by-side review, I can offer a few pointers if you're having trouble deciding which rc flight simulator to buy. I have and use both (RF G4.5 & Phoenix 3.0) so the differences outlined below are based on my own personal observations.
(Important: these pointers might not be valid with regard to later versions of both sims. They were good at the time of writing, but I accept that both sims have improved a lot since then.)

Buying the Phoenix RC sim.

Plenty of places sell the sim, and do try and support any local hobby shop that you have close to home.
Alternatively, they're all available from the big sellers on Amazon. Click an image below to get there...


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