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Raptor H650 RC Plane

This isn't your 'conventional electric rc airplane' review but I was asked by Chinese company KidsToyLover to do a review for the Raptor H650 Tri-Mode airplane, so here it is!

Raptor H650 RC Plane

KidsToyLover operates out of China and Australia and sell a range of electric rc aircraft, along with educational and puzzle toys and such like.

I was contacted by a very friendly employee, asking if I'd like to receive the Raptor H650 for review, so it seemed silly to refuse.

My Raptor was shipped from Australia and only took about a week to get to me in the UK, and no transit damage was suffered - so a good start indeed!
It's always a worry when you know something is being shipped halfway around the world, but in this case I need not have been concerned.

Transmitter Mode Option

No sooner had I received email notification that my Raptor H650 had shipped, I realised that it would likely be arriving with a Mode 2 transmitter, since this is the most popular transmitter mode globally these days.

Personally I fly Mode 1 and I knew that a Mode 2 tx would cause me some bother, so I emailed Xiang and explained. Surprisingly, and much to her credit, she promptly arranged a separate Mode 1 transmitter to be shipped out, which arrived a week later.

Knowing that you have the Mode 1 and Mode 2 transmitter options is excellent, as so many rc aircraft are only supplied as Mode 2 these days.

Raptor H650 Spec & Features

Here are your fun facts about the Raptor H650...

  • Almost Ready To Fly ('ARF' - requires some assembly).
  • 20 minute flight duration.
  • Durable foam construction.
  • Wingspan 490mm.
  • Fuselage Length: 650mm.
  • Battery: 7.4V 1000mAh lithium battery.
  • Tx modes 1 & 2 available.
  • Take off from land or water.
  • Wing leading edge LED lighting.
  • 2450 brushless motor, 40A ESC.
  • Gyro stabilisation.


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