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RC flying Dos and Don'ts

- some basic safety tips.

The rc flying Dos and Don'ts listed below are just some basic tips that should keep your flying experiences as safe and enjoyable as possible. They're guidelines for flying in public places - if you're flying at a club patch, then you'll have club rules in place.

They're not set in stone but go along the lines of general common sense. RC flying is a great hobby and will give you heaps of fun, but all rc pilots need to fly responsibly - or we all get a bad name!

Of course accidents can and do happen, but as the British Model Flying Association puts it... "Safe flying is no accident".

So please bear these rc flying Dos and Don'ts in mind when you're at the field with your rc airplane, and you'll have a much better day.

Some RC flying Dos.

Some RC flying Don'ts.

The above rc flying Dos and Don'ts relate to flying in public places. Again, common sense should dictate how you fly anyway. If you're flying at a club field you should already have the club rules to hand, so obey those at all times!

I'll just reiterate the point about rules and regulations as set out by your country's governing body for model flying; many newcomers to the hobby don't even know that such rules are in place.
In recent times, these rules have become more strict and more important, thanks to the popularity of drones/UAVs. So please don't just buy something and think you can go and fly it anywhere you like. If you're flying illegally and something goes wrong, you won't have a leg to stand on!
So if in doubt, check with your governing body. Below are some relevant links:


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